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  1. 3 Pin Travel Universal Multi Plug With Surge Protector & Indicator, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 205.00
    1. Suitable for different types of plugs used around the world. 2. With built-in surge protector for over voltage spike protection for extra safety 3. With indicator for indication of power supply...
  2. Square 3 Pin Flex Box 4 Mtr. With Handle, Indicator & International Socket, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 435.00
    1. High quality 4 mtr Copper cored wire 2. Safety sleeve & Gripping System 3. Cable guard for avoiding damages to the insulation 4. LED Indicator - Indicates status of power supply ON/OFF 5. International socket- Suitable for all types of sockets...
  3. G-Power 4+1 Spike Adaptor With Master Switch, Indicator, Safety Shutter, International Sockets & Surge Protector, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 566.00
    1. 4+1 Spike adaptor which comes with 4 international sockets & 1 Master switch 2. Socket Type: International socket which is suitable for different types of plugs used around the world. 3. Indicator: Indicates availability of power supply, Total M...
  4. Strio Stereophonic Ding Dong Bell, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 185.00
    1. Clear & Stereophonic Digital sound. 2. High frequency range so that you can hear from every corner of your home. 3. Connected to the bell push switch. 4. Easy to install. 5. Reliable and long lasting. 6. Sturdy and attractive doorbell. ...
  5. Plug in LED Night Lamp, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 110.00
    1. Direct Plug in Night Lamp, 2 Pin Operations 2. Clustered LED 3. Energy Saver. Long life over 10,000 Hrs. 4. Power -0.5 Watts...
  6. 16Amp 3 Pin Multi Plug Adaptor, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 167.00
    1. Suitable for safe loading up to 16A. 2. Rated voltage - 240V, Current ...
  7. Sensor Night Lamp With Auto Sensing Device & LED, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 185.00

    1. Plug-in, it switches on-off automatically
    2. It's function is based on light intensity
    3. Low power consumption ,Energy saver.
    4. Voltage: 240 volts; Frequency: 60 hertz; Power: 0.5 watts

  8. Sparkle - Electronic Duo-Tune With Flashing Light And Choice Of 2 Different Tunes, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 365.00
    1. 28 multi tunes to select from. 2. Pleasant dual tone ring and flashing light alert you of visitors. 3. Vocal "Please open the door" optional tune...
  9. Gusto Plug In Wireless With Remote & Battery Less, 32 Selectable Melodies, Volume Control, Shuffle Function & Flashing Light, GM MODULAR

    Rs. 1,135.00
    1. Wireless and battery less doorbell comes with remote. 2. 32 selectable melodies 3. It has Volume control, shuffle function and flashing light. 4. It is water resistant....
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